MJ Phone Home

Restocked on the Alien vs Predator deck and t-shirts from Skate Mental featuring the funny and controversial graphic from Donny Miller of E.T. and Michael Jackson (Heeee Heeee). These always sell out so don't be that kid who gets caught with their pants down again.


It's Playoffs Time

Angels out, Dodgers out, but you're always in the game with this LB Coaches Jacket from Stussy. Black nylon windbreaker will keep you feeling warm and looking cool. Dig in and go deep coz you know chicks be diggin' the long ball! $80


Yes, We Can All Just Getting Along

Biggie vs Pac, East Coast vs West Coast, and the beef that took these 2 hip hop legends' lives. Here's a couple of new Shane O'neill pro model decks from Skate Mental featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac in the hot tub sippin' on some Dom! Classics Graphic. Come by and pick one up to ride or get both to hang up at the pad! $60


Restock Alert!

Restocked on these dope Stussy camo truckers. That mesh back camo will hide you from the pack when you wanna stay on the low-low. Get 'em before they sell out again!


Timeless Diamond OG Logo Pullover Hoody

Talk about timeless! These Diamond OG logo hoodies have been around for almost 10 years and have never gone out of style. Every time Diamond re-releases them, we sell out. Got some black and red ones in stock right now so get down here and get your shine on! $80


The Graduate

Eddie Merino has been riding for the shop since he was a grom. He just graduated HS, got his drivers license, and now he's ready to shred up all the spots this summer. Look out for my boy ripping it up in a neighborhood near you!